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80/20 Inc. provides a T-slot framing system and resources in your hands to turn dreams into reality. It's easy to assemble and can be configured into endless custom solutions, from DIY project to industrial applications. 80/20 is versatile - from machine guards to robotic arms, racing simulators, and workstations, it is a product for individuals, industries, and businesses. T Slot Aluminum Extrusion, T Slot Aluminum Framing - Aluminum ... We provide you the solutions to create your structures by using aluminum T-slot frames. We manufacture a wide range of T-slotted aluminum extrusions and required connectors & fasteners to fit all your needs, whether you are looking to build a full structural or modular aluminum framing project or a simple sign. T Slot Aluminum | T slot aluminum extrusion | Metric Profiles A T-slot is what we call the channel that runs the length of our aluminum extrusion shapes. The T-slots are designed to a specific depth and width depending on the material. The T-slot is used mostly for mounting and fastening a wide variety of accessories and panels to the aluminum extrusion. TSLOTS 40 Series Aluminum Extrusions | Flexible Automation Supply T-Slotted Aluminum Framing > ITEM Compatible > TSLOTS Metric Aluminum Extrusions > Item # Height. Width. Type. Price. Length. Units. Quantity. Buy Now. MADE IN USA. 650032. 40 mm. 40 mm. Smooth . 40mm x 40mm T-Slotted Extrusion ... 40mm x 80mm Lite T-Slotted Extrusion- Black $1.15 More Information. MADE IN USA. 650139. 80mm. 80mm. 80mm x 80mm T ...

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T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Exporter, Importer,… T Slot Aluminum Extrusion. 50x50 T Slot Aluminium Profile. 006.45x60 T Slot Aluminium Profile. Where To Buy Aluminum Extrusions For Table Saw Fences... T-slotted aluminum extrusions attach quickly and easily to all three of our t-square designs, allowing for ultimate flexibility. We do not manufacture aluminum extrusions, but we offer them to our customers as an added convenience for those that don’ t want to shop for their own.

Need quality aluminum T-SLOTS extrusion manufacturers? Futura Industries is the nation's largest manufacturer and distributor quality aluminum extrusions.

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Alusic's profile connector system offers significant advantages over the competition. A client's time and motion study showed a 300% labour and a 90% materials cost saving compared to the a major European brand. Aluminium T-slot and Fasteners | Modular Components ... T-slot Nuts can be inserted into the aluminium profile groove. T-slot nuts are useful for securing components onto aluminium profiles, as well as joining two profiles together, by creating a clamping force for a screw in the groove. M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8 screws can be used depending on which T-slot Nut you choose. Aluminium T-slot frame : CNC Shop, One Stop Shop for CNC ... CNC Shop : Aluminium T-slot frame - Linear Bearing Shaft Support Fully Supported Rail Linear Round Shaft Machined Ballscrew Aluminium T-slot frame Robotic Competitions 3D Printing ... SYSTEM40 PROFILE EXTRUSION. New Products For May - Aluminium T-slot frame. SYSTEM30-3 0x30 ALUMINIUM T-SLOT FRAME 1910mm-2000mm $54.00. SYSTEM30-60x60 ALUMINIUM T ... TSLOTS Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer | Futura Industries How do TSLOTS aluminum extrusions compare to welded steel products? We created TSLOTS in Clearfield, Utah so you can create structures faster and easier than welded steel allows. When using our custom T-slotted aluminum extrusions, you simply insert a T-nut and fastener into the extrusion and tighten it to create a durable, strong and ...